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SVG's, GeoJSON, html5, google maps api, js et al.
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Just one. For my illusion. Shall it rest in peace. There was an empowering will behind me, and that was of seeing tomorrows day with that certain someone you share a history, a life, a common ground to say the less. And maybe this ulterior motive did lead me to my own doom. Not that they were bad or anything, but just misplaced. I was motivated by the tomorrow instead of the today. There is nothing wrong with that, but also there are just a tiny bunch of rights if seen in the correct perspective.

But that is so hard to do, have boot feet steady in the ground, eyes fixed on the horizon and knowing exactly were, when, why the next step is given. Perspective gets occluded by emotions, by feelings, the mere process of rationalizating an emotion can be disruptive of the perspective we take on life.

Nevertheless, until one reaches the very profound deeps of the unthinkable, and Knows Thy Self the perspective will fail.

shed - martes, septiembre 11, 2012 -

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